Dartcor Food Services - salad with avocado, spinach and cucumbers
Dartcor Food Services - salad with avocado, spinach and cucumbers

Customization is our

As a boutique provider of corporate-dining,
we’re agile and fully customizable to each organization
we work with – from the food we create, to the coffee we pour.

Go full service or a la carte

We offer a smorgasbord of services to customize:

Workplace eateries offering customized menus featuring local, healthy and delicious lunch options. With a focus on wellness and sustainably sourced products, our menus are updated weekly to provide exciting and interesting options for employees regularly dining at work.

No kitchen? No problem. Dartcor’s commissary supported Grab & Go services enables you to provide a full range of nutritious soups, sandwiches and salads without the hassle of a kitchen build-out or zoning restrictions.

Artfully prepared espresso beverages handcrafted by our expertly trained baristas, freshly pressed juices and artisanal snacks in an open and inclusive space designed to enhance employee engagement and workplace camaraderie.

Provide your employees with the freedom to nourish themselves or grab a snack as their schedules allow, featuring healthy options sourced from well-recognized and artisanal producers and selected to promote employee health and well-being.

Impress your refined clients and treasured employees with a full menu of dining options created to enhance all of your workplace meetings including board meetings, client presentations and office gatherings.

Celebrate your professional or personal milestones with Ome Caterers’ full service catering management. From corporate events to personal celebrations, Ome’s team of experienced hospitality experts are available to assist in every decision and make your event memorable.

Our “Better For You” Program

Our “Better For You” program was designed to meet the demands for a healthier lifestyle in the workplace. We work to coordinate with you and your Human Resources Department to track the progress of the employees who choose to join Better For You.

A whole new touchpoint:

Point-of-Sale Technology

A modern point-of-sale system can increase efficiency, line speed, and match production with consumption to reduce waste. This level of innovation has helped us to establish new protocols for increasing revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction while decreasing employee turnover, order mistakes, wait time and stress levels.


Our brand is your

From the menus and signage, to the decor and the people – right on down to their uniforms – we become a seamless reflection of your company image.

catering with

the tri-state area’s premiere

full-service caterer

We’re very proud to work in conjunction with Ome Caterers, a group that’s been event planning and dishing gourmet cuisine for over 30 years. Like Dartcor, Ome puts a premium on unforgettable cuisine prepared with only the finest ingredients.

a symbiotic, mutually-beneficial


Our clients and their employees receive the benefit of our relationship with Ome Caterers throughout the year through special promotions and our ‘Experience More’ program.

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